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Find the Best Debt Consolidation in Lafayette, LA

When credit card debt becomes overwhelming, debt consolidation companies help you reduce the amount you owe and pay it off sooner. We researched the best debt consolidation in Lafayette to help you settle your outstanding debts and get back on a solid financial footing.

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National Debt Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Minimum $10,000 credit card debt required
  • Member of the AFCC (American Fair Credit Council)
  • No fees until debts are settled
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

Get out of debt without bankruptcy!

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Freedom Debt Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Minimum $15,000 credit card debt required
  • Accredited by the BBB
  • Free consultation online
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

Specializes in debt settlement services. Debt can be settled in 24 to 48 months, and fees range from 15% to 25%. $7,500 minimum debt required. Track progress 24/7 via online dashboard. No-risk debt relief consultation offered.

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  • Available in Detroit
  • Free, no-obligation consultation
  • Free Debt Analysis and consultation
  • Minimum $10,000 debt required

Works with unsecured debts only, such as credit card, medical and business debt. Eliminates debt in 24 to 48 months. Service fee is 15% to 25%, and a free initial debt consultation is available. Not available in all states.

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Accredited Debt Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Track your progress 24/7
  • Minimum $10,000 credit card debt required
  • No credit impact
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

Best for clients with $10,000 or more in unsecured debt. Says it could reduce your debt by up to 40%. Over $3 billion in client debt paid off. Your quote is 100% free and will not affect your credit score.

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Pacific Debt Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Calculate your payment online
  • Minimum $10,000 credit card debt required
  • One low monthly program payment
  • Debt consolidation loan alternative

$10,000 minimum debt required. Low monthly program payment and no upfront fees. Service fees vary between 15 and 25% of the total debt enrolled. Most results take 24-48 months. Offers debt negotiation, but not consolidation loans.

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Debt Rx
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Minimum $10,000 credit card debt required
  • Free, no obligation debt analysis
  • Tailored debt solutions for each customer
  • Services offered in Spanish

Get personalized service and attention when you’re seeking debt relief. Find out more about your debt relief options with a free confidential consultation, and use its debt calculator to see how much you can save.

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How to choose debt consolidation in Lafayette

Lafayette skyline

According to the Urban Institute, 38% of Lafayette residents have an outstanding auto loan and 12% are still struggling to pay back an average of over $15,000 in student loans. While this is lower than the national student loan debt average, it is still a significant burden for many Lafayette Parish households.

Debt consolidation services help Lafayette residents get a handle on their finances and pay their bills each month. With multiple debt consolidation companies available, people can choose the best debt consolidation services and providers for their needs.

Getting debt consolidation help in Lafayette

Debt consolidation companies combine your outstanding debts into one monthly bill, making it more manageable and easier to pay off. This eliminates the difficulty of dealing with multiple creditors and even puts you in a better position to negotiate your debt.

This negotiation is known as debt settlement, one of the most common types of debt consolidation service. A debt settlement company takes the amount you’ve put into your unified account and communicates with debt collectors and credit companies on your behalf to negotiate payment for less than you owe.

Debt settlement companies work with unsecured debts upwards of $10,000 and take anywhere from two to four years to completely resolve your debt, depending on the amount you owe and who you owe.

Secured debt vs. unsecured debt

There are two categories of debt:

  • Secured debt leverages assets that a lender can claim if the customer fails to make payments. These debts include car loans and home mortgages.
  • Unsecured debt does not have collateral. Examples of unsecured debt include credit card bills, medical bills and student loans.

Debt consolidation companies in Lafayette only work with unsecured debts, so make sure you fit these guidelines before pursuing debt settlement.

Debt settlement alternatives in Lafayette

Many Lafayette residents use debt settlement as a means of avoiding bankruptcy. While debt settlement may negatively affect your credit score in the short term, it is not as publicly available, complicated or severe as a bankruptcy.

Consult with a debt settlement company or financial advisor in Lafayette to see what’s your best bet for avoiding bankruptcy.

There are also options for debt relief in Lafayette if your total amount of debt is under $10,000, including:

  • Transfering your debt to a zero-interest credit card
  • Using a low-interest personal loan to pay off outstanding debts
  • Taking out a home equity loan
  • Seeking debt counseling services

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National Debt Relief

Founded in 2008, National Debt Relief offers several debt relief services, including debt settlement. Customers use the company’s free online debt calculator and budgeting resources to help get themselves back on a sound financial path. Online reviews mention thorough explanations from staff members and desirable results.

National Debt Relief Learn More

Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief has resolved over $10 billion worth of debt for customers since 2002. The company also offers a free, no-risk consultation to Lafayette residents interested in debt settlement solutions. Local customer reviews mention its easy-to-understand payment plans and knowledgeable debt professionals as the main reasons for customer satisfaction.

Freedom Debt Relief Learn More (866) 515-6714


Credit Associates is based in Texas and available by telephone or online for Detroit clients. The company assigns you a team of experts that will begin working on your case immediately. Detroit Customers say they experienced excellent service working with the company.

CreditAssociates Learn More (888) 492-5184

Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief works to lower its clients’ debt and eliminate the pain of having multiple creditors. It also has a variety of debt relief options and doesn’t charge any fees until after it resolves clients’ debt. Accredited Debt Relief even provides free consultations, quotes and over-the-phone debt counseling.

Accredited Debt Relief Learn More (877) 566-8703

Pacific Debt Relief

Pacific Debt offers a variety of debt consolidation options, including credit counseling and debt settlement. This company has settled over $200 million in client debt during its more than 15 years in business. Reviews discuss supportive staff members and manageable monthly payments, thanks to Pacific Debt.

Pacific Debt Relief Learn More (619) 492-9990

Debt Rx

Debt Rx is among the longest-operating debt consolidation companies in the United States. It offers free, confidential consultations in addition to an Interest Rate Reduction program. Local reviewers mention a seamless debt settlement process along with dedicated staff members for each debt consolidation case.

Debt Rx